Panels & Presentations

Future Glebe and Forest Lodge panellists

This discussion looked at the key future needs of Glebe/Forest Lodge in the next 10 years – the challenges and the opportunities.

Fighting Back: Restoring Australia’s Unique Biodiversity

Around 70 people attended the Society’s 5th annual biodiversity talk, organised by the Blue Wren Subcommittee – it was given by Shauna Chadlowe, Chief Development Officer, of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Glebe Trams

Transport historian Col Gilbertson and Glebe Society member, Philip Vergison, took us for a free trip down ‘The Glebe Point Line’ and the ‘Through Lines’.

Founding women of the Glebe Society

This panel discussion was the brainchild of Max Solling a founding member of the Society, who wanted to highlight the contribution of Kate Smith and other founding women of the Society in building the Society into the effective activist organisation.

50 Years - the Bulletin Editors’ View

From its first issue in July 1969, The Bulletin has been The Glebe Society’s primary form of communication. The Bulletin is where most of us first find out what’s happened in our community and what’s forthcoming. For 50 years, the Bulletin’s pages have effectively recorded the Glebe Society’s history – and, to a large extent, the history of Glebe itself.

‘Personal Perspectives’ panel & Sadie King book launch

The Community Committee was delighted that our three chosen speakers accepted our invitation to give their personal perspectives on ‘their Glebe’.

Radical Glebe Talk session

Glebe has had a radical history. Our panelists were at the forefront of several social activist movements based in Glebe in the 1960s and ’70s which brought about major change – social, cultural, environmental and political.