Around 70 people attended the Society’s 5th annual biodiversity talk, organised by the Blue Wren Subcommittee – it was given by Shauna Chadlowe, Chief Development Officer, of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

The Conservancy is especially interested in saving Australia’s endangered wildlife – 31 mammals have become extinct in our country since European settlement. The Conservancy manages many millions of hectares across mainland Australia. For example, they have established a partnership with Wilingin Aboriginal Corporation in the Kimberley to manage 1.7 million hectares, which will protect rare and endangered species. Using fencing (at times electrified) to keep out foxes and cats, removing the feral herbivores and having small controlled burnings to reduce the chance of a major bushfire all lead to a protected habitat where the native fauna and flora can thrive. Further, threatened species can be translocated into these protected environments where they are able to breed and significantly increase in numbers.

Shauna’s talk was informative, entertaining and enthusiastically received; at its conclusion she was presented with a donation to the Conservancy from the Subcommittee. Afterwards we had the opportunity to spend time with Shauna, enjoy a glass of wine and sushi, and inspect a range of blue wren inspired gifts from Natural Selection Souvenirs.