A number of publications were produced especially for the Festival. As well as a Program and other supporting material, three meticulously-researched booklets were produced. The first, Fifty Years of the Glebe Society: Celebrating Conservation and Change in Glebe and Forest Lodge, is an in-depth history of the Glebe Society covering its first 50 years. This 72-page full-colour booklet – which is as much a history of Glebe & Forest Lodge as a history of the Society – is available for purchase.

Another publication is the catalogue that accompanied the Villas of Glebe and Forest Lodge, pre-1870 exhibition. This booklet includes never before seen images of our oldest buildings and accompanying historical notes. This booklet represents several years of research by Robert Hannan, Lyn Collingwood and Peter Crawshaw, members of the Glebe Society’s Heritage Subcommittee.

Glasgow to Glebe: Sadie King’s Life Story by Janice Challinor celebrates the fascinating life of well-known local woman, Sadie King, who passed away in early 2022, just a few months shy of her 100th birthday. Sadie King was a stalwart of Glebe Labor and this book delves into not only this period of her life, but her early years in Glasgow and New South Wales where she faced incredible adversity. The book is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the influence of one woman who was ahead of her time. [I’m not sure what has been decided about reading/obtaining this book.]

For an easy-to-read overview of the Festival, have a look at Glebe Society Bulletin 5 of 2019, which provides a round-up of the Festival.

Fifty Years of The Glebe Society Booklet

Fifty Years of The Glebe Society (Updated Edition) Booklet

Copies of this book can be purchased from Gleebooks for $15.00.

Glasgow to Glebe Sadie King's Life Story Book Cover

Glasgow to Glebe: Sadie King's Life Story Book

Glebe Society Community Festival 2019 Program Cover

Glebe Society Community Festival Program Booklet

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Glebe Society Community Festival 2019 Schedule

Glebe Society Community Festival Schedule

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Glebe Walks Promotion Postcard

Glebe Walks Promotion Postcard

Bulletin Issue 5 of 2019 (July 2019)

Bulletin Issue 5 of 2019 (July 2019)

View the subsequent Bulletin that summarised the Festival

When did that happen by Lyn Collingwood

When did that happen? by Lyn Collingwood

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