The Glebe Society Bulletin EditorsHeld: Wednesday 26 June, 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm

From its first issue in July 1969, The Bulletin has been The Glebe Society’s primary form of communication. Initially it was supplemented by the ‘telephone tree’ and personal meetings; now we have email and an excellent website, as well as a Facebook page and Twitter. But the Bulletin is still where most of us first find out what’s happened in our community and what’s upcoming, and where we first read the latest articles. What’s more, for 50 years, the Bulletin’s pages have effectively recorded the Glebe Society’s history – and, to a large extent, the history of Glebe itself.

This never-before-seen documentary shed light on the Glebe Society’s 50 year history from the perspective of the long-suffering editors who – for most of the last 50 years – literally cut and pasted the reports, polemics, calls to action, clip-art etc that, month-by-month, recorded the Society’s activities for half a century.

The documentary-maker is Allan Hogan, former Glebe Society president with an impressive journalism record. No doubt Allan’s experience gained through interviewing the likes of Idi Amin and Imelda Marcos prepared him adequately for this important assignment – making a documentary with around 10 former editors of the Glebe Society Bulletin. Allan was accompanied by current Bulletin editor and side-kick, Virginia Simpson-Young, who did her best Jana Wendt impression when asking the questions.

The documentary includes interviews with almost all of the editors during the Society’s first decade, including the heady days of bulldozers and placards in the early 1970s – and with most of the editors from subsequent decades.

The following editors were able to be with us on the night and see themselves on the big screen: Sandra Darroch, Vernon Winley, Ted McKeown, Edwina Doe, Roberta Burke, Bruce Davis and Virginia Simpson-Young.

The film triggered an impassioned discussion about a number of key threats to Glebe and Forest Lodge: the relocation of the Sydney Fish Market to the Blackwattle Bay foreshore at Wentworth Park and the revitalisation of Glebe Point Rd among them.

Allan and Virginia received feedback from one attendee, Fiona Campbell, who said:

‘The film last night was brilliant! I … thought I'd say thanks for such a contribution. … As Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." I thought the film provided a great reflection of this quote and the initiatives of the people in the Society and Glebe over past decades. The world may not yet be changed but at least there's been some pretty major changes around Glebe!’

Editors: 1969 - 2019

1969-1971 Sandra Darroch
1971-1973 Vernon Winley
1974-1975 Ted McKeown
1975-1977 Joey Rowden
1977-1979 David Reeve
1979-1980 Eric Sandblom
1980-1981 Merlyn Larcombe
1981-1982 Jan Macindoe
1983 Belinda Weaver
1983-1985 Edwina Doe
1986-1987 Gwen Geschmay
1987-1989 Edwina Doe 
1989-1993 Jeremy Long
1993-1997 Jan Macindoe 
1998-2001 Roberta Burke
2001-2002 Bruce Davis
2003-2012 Edwina Doe
2013-2018 Virginia Simpson-Young

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