About the Festival

The Glebe Society Community Festival in 2019 was such a success because it was a celebration – and it felt like that. We were celebrating our successes over the 50 years in preserving our heritage and helping to make Glebe a great place to live. We didn’t do it alone – we did it with the support of our local community, which is why we wanted to celebrate with them.

Ordinary people working together can achieve extraordinary things. That’s the story of the Glebe Society over the last 50 years and it’s the story of our 50th anniversary Community Festival.

While the Festival was a one-off event, it has a lasting impact. The surge in research required – particularly for the exhibition and publications, has enhanced our knowledge of our heritage and of what we need to do to continue to protect it. And, what’s more, it’s galvanised other ordinary people to join us in our fight to protect our heritage.

Verity Firth

In June 2019 the Glebe Society celebrates 50 years of being a vibrant and active community organisation. Glebe & Forest Lodge are inner Sydney suburbs notable for their distinct village character, heritage streetscapes and a strong sense of community.

The Glebe Society Management Committee gave a lot of thought to how to celebrate the ‘Golden Anniversary’ of the Glebe Society. Our first big decision was to hold a Community Festival for Glebe and Forest Lodge – not just something for members.

Thank you to our festival sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors as well as a number of members who made generous donations to support various events and displays.

Glebe Society 50th Anniversary Community Festival Feedback

Feedback about the Festival was overwhelmingly positive! A book was available for visitors to write comments, and further feedback was sent to us by email and via the website.