Behind the Scenes

Glebe Society 50th Anniversary Festival teering committee consisting of Judy Vergison, Virginia Simpson-Young and Dorothy Davis

Preparation for the Festival began in February 2017 when the Glebe Society Heritage Subcommittee began work on the Villas of Glebe and Forest Lodge, pre-1870 and began thinking about other ways to celebrate the Glebe Society’s 50th anniversary.

The Glebe Society 50th Anniversary Festival volunteers

In keeping with its community focus, the Festival was entirely run by volunteers. Over 70 Glebe Society members stepped up to fill the many and varied roles required from the planning stages right through to bump out.

A Festival Promotions Team was established many months before the Festival. Judging on the number of people attending, the team did a very good job!

Glebe Society 50th Anniversary raffle draw

Raffle draw: … and the winner is …