Founding Women of the Glebe Society panelThis panel discussion was the brainchild of Max Solling (second from the left). The panellists were (L to R): Dale Dengate, Diane Tilley-Winyard, Jeanette Knox, Suzie Tzannes and Jenny Pockley. The session was ably facilitated by Asa Walquist (far right). (Photo: V. Simpson-Young)

This panel discussion was the brainchild of Max Solling, a founding member of the Society, who wanted to highlight the contribution of Kate Smith and other founding women of the Society in building the Society into the effective activist organisation.

Asa Walquist drew out the women’s stories reflecting the significant role that Kate Smith played in their lives as young women adapting to life in a new (and challenging!) area, often with young children. Their involvement in this network led naturally to their activities (activism?) to protect Glebe from the expressways, destruction of heritage buildings for ‘three story walk-ups’, and so on.  

Panellists Dale Dengate 
  Jeanettte Knox
  Jenny Pockley
  Diana Tilly-Winyard
  Suzie Tzannes
  with Max Solling
Moderator Asa Wahlquist

Photos of the Event