By 1859 self-styled architect Michael Golden had moved into his eight-room slate-roofed stone villa, built down the hill from Margaretta Cottage which he had purchased in 1855. In the grounds were a separate kitchen, bathroom, wash-house and stables.

Bounty immigrant carpenter Michael Golding landed in Sydney from Ireland in 1840. With a modified surname, he became the City of Sydney’s first surveyor of buildings. When he died in 1872, his will left everything to his male heirs. After the death of Thomas, a bachelor, the inheritance passed to remaining son James whose surviving progeny were daughters.

In the 1870s Dellwood was rented out. Its first tenant was jeweller Timothy Tillotson Jones, founder of a family firm of watch and clockmakers. Jones held a Hill End gold licence, had shares in the OK and short-lived Great Western Undaunted gold mining companies, and bought and sold land on Stewart Street, part of the Mary Chisholm Estate. Magistrate Francis James Shaw was at Dellwood for a short time after leaving Newcastle where he had been District Coroner.

A “gentleman”, James Golden then lived at Dellwood with his own family and widowed mother who moved in with her Margaretta Cottage bedroom furniture. After James’ death in 1907 his sisters and their spouses subdivided the Golden Estate into 22 allotments and put it up for auction, together with Dellwood and another mansion Sidcup. The land sold but the houses did not. Dellwood survived as a boarding house until 1970 when Parkes Developments received approval to demolish. By 1973 a red brick block of flats covered most of the site.