The Community display identified 71 community and service organisations that existed in Glebe (in June 2019) to support the community. Many people expressed incredulity that Glebe and Forest Lodge were so well supported, and yet we are sure there were still others which did not make it into the list due to limited research time in identifying them all.

What is special about finding and sharing information on so many and varied organisations is the breadth and depth it adds to the community network, of which the Glebe Society is an integral part. This became clear when several people found opportunities amongst the known organisations’ contact details on display that they expressed the intention to follow up. If the Society could contribute to community awareness in this manner it is indeed strengthening the links throughout our community.

There were two other important inclusions in the Community display. The ‘Kitchen Starter Pack Project’ was clearly identifiable through a display of all items included in a complete pack for a family leaving Elsie Womens’ and Childrens’ Refuge and moving to their new home. While this project has since been discontinued, information about the Kitchen Starter Pack project can been accessed on the Glebe Society’s website under ‘Community’.

The other community development project operating in 2019 was ‘Sewing for Good’. You may have seen several people at sewing machines at the Tramsheds on Friday 28 June 2019. They were making tote bags for the Asylum Seekers Centre at Newtown from donated material that people have recovered from unused pieces languishing in cupboards but never used. All sewing enthusiasts seem to have such a stock.

The bags were given to people collecting food from the Asylum Seekers Centre food bank to carry supplies home. It was intended to allow people to forego plastic bags, by giving them a bag that can be useful for a much longer time. The Sewing for Good volunteers met at Glebe Town Hall between 10 am and 1 pm on the second and fourth Friday of every month. It was a sociable (they stopped for coffee and cake!) yet community beneficial occasion for attendees.

The Community Connections display was curated by then Glebe Society Community Development Subcommittee Convenor, Janice Challinor.