The 177-year history of the City of Sydney’s top office-holders

The Mayoral ProcessionAbove (L to R): Cassady Maddox, Lyn Collingwood and Kim Knuckey (Photo: VixPix Photography).

In a double bill with a long interval, this was a theatrical presentation by Glebe historian and professional actor Lyn Collingwood and fellow actors Cassady Maddox and Kim Knuckey who took the audience on a whirlwind pictorial history of the – sometimes scandalous, sometimes vainglorious – City of City councillors who have worn the mayoral chain since 1842. From Charles Windeyer (for two months in 1842) to Clover Moore (for 15 years since 2004). The audience learnt that, sadly, not all mayors distinguished themselves in that role.

Thanks to techno-gurus Allan Hogan and Phil Young for assistance: Allan for help with the footage and running the programs and Phil for wrangling the microphones.

Photos of the Event