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Jack Mundey and Allan HoganJack Mundey and Allan HoganOn display in this exhibition were a selection of photos and posters that provide a snapshot of the activities of the Glebe Society over its 50 year history.

From protesting against expressways and the threatened demolition of the Glebe Estate in the 1970s, to opening up the foreshore in the 1980s and 1990s, and working to preserve Glebe's architectural heritage and its environment, the Glebe Society has played an important role in protecting the character and strong sense of community of Glebe.

In this exhibition we celebrate the work of hundreds of volunteer members who have played a vital part in the Glebe Society’s heritage, environment and community endeavours. Of course, the Glebe Society has not been the only player in the events portrayed here. The Society has worked in association with many community organisations, service groups, universities and schools, local, state and federal governments and especially the City of Sydney in more recent years.

Jack Mundey (pictured right with Allan Hogan) and his wife Judy were able to visit the exhibition, and many of us were able to personally acknowledge how much we appreciate what he has done for Sydney and Glebe – a true hero of contemporary social activism. In this photo, Jack stands beside the famous photo of him being removed by the police during a green ban demonstration.

Glebe Society guide to posters coverDownload the Glebe Society in Action Guide to postersHow to capture the Glebe Society’s activities and achievements over 50 years?? We selected around 100 photographs to illustrate the range of activities with which the Glebe Society has been associated, and produced a Guide to the Posters which was available to visitors who were interested in more information about the display. We expect this to be put on the website.

Many visitors to the Exhibition were surprised to learn of the history of the Glebe Society and its activist role from its early days to the present.

Dorothy Davis undertook the mammoth task of creating this display. Special thanks to Katharine Vernon for painstaking research on the early days of the Glebe Society, and to Phil Young, Bruce Davis and Tom Psomotragos for many of the photos. Photos also came from the Bernard Smith collection, Alan McEvoy collection, and the Glebe Society archives. Ted McKeown, Edwina Doe, Lyn Milton and Bobbie Burke also gave invaluable assistance. Tom Psomotragos spent many hours on preparing the layout of photos for printing. The contributions of all are very much appreciated.

Feedback: ‘A moving and inspiring glimpses of people-power’.


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Photos of the Event


Exhibition Curation: Dorothy Davis and Katharine Vernon, Glebe Society members, assisted by many other contributors including Roberta Burke, Edwina Doe, Ted McKeown and Lyn Milton. Poster display arranged by Tom McKim..

We are grateful for the use of photographs and documents provided by the following: Glebe Society Archives, Bernard Smith Collection, Sydney Morning Herald, Allan McEvoy Photograph Collection, Walter Burley Griffin Society and Leichhardt Library amongst others.

We wish especially to thank Tom Psomotragos for his contribution in providing professional assistance in the selection, layout and printing of photos and posters used in this exhibition.

Many photographs in this display are the work of three photographers:

  • Tom Psomotragos, a professional photographer who has lived in Glebe for 20 years after leaving Melbourne which he still loves! He works across all fields but much of his focus is on photographing the people of Glebe. His recent project, with Eulalie Moore, is called Welcome to Glebe.
  • Phil Young, a keen photographer since he was a teenager when he started developing and printing B&W and colour film and slides in his darkroom. Still an enthusiastic photographer, he enjoys taking photos for The Glebe Society, and has a remarkable collection of photos of Glebe.
  • Bruce Davis who has dabbled in photography since childhood and contributed occasionally to newspapers and magazines, particularly over the last 20 years to the Glebe Society Bulletin.