Audiovisual Display

Glebe Point Road – 25 Years of Change

Every property on Glebe Point Rd – from Broadway to Glebe Point – was photographed between 1989 and 1991 as part of a major heritage study undertaken by the Glebe Society in conjunction with the City of Sydney.

Bernard Smith Collection

Over 400 photos were taken to illustrate Bernard and Kate Smith’s classic work The Architectural Character of Glebe published in 1973.

William Robinson’s 1873 Panorama of Sydney

Sydney photographer Francis W. Robinson's images cover a 360 degree panorama and record the Sydney skyline of 1873.

Australian Biography Series: Jack Mundey

Interview by Robin Hughes with Jack Mundey recorded on 5 October 2000; from the Australian Biography project.

Contemporary artists of Glebe

Glebe has always been home to artists and a fitting subject for artworks. This segment presents a sample of artworks by Glebe artists and photographers.

Glebe - Now & Then

Aerial views of present day Glebe and Forest Lodge including Blackwattle Bay Jubilee Park, the Light Rail, Harold Park, and Glebe Point Road, taken by drone. The video juxtaposes old photos of the Glebe community with present day images.

Australian Biography Series: Tom Uren

Interview by Robin Hughes with Tom Uren recorded on 15 January 1996; from the Australian Biography project.

The Glebe Society Bulletin has been published (almost) monthly since the foundation of the Society in 1969. That’s almost 500 editions. This video includes interviews with past editors of the Bulletin (and the current editor) who recount the changing technology of producing it, and the diversity of stories and Society activities it has covered.