VixPix 9257Ted McKeown, Bruce Davis, Phil Vergison, Lyn Collingwood, Judy Vergison, Jude Paul, Robert Hannan, Peter Crawshaw, Dorothy Davis, Jane Gatwood, Alison McKeown, Rodney Hammet, Brian Fuller.

Preparation for the Festival began in February 2017 when the Glebe Society Heritage Subcommittee began work on the Villas of Glebe and Forest Lodge, pre-1870 and began thinking about other ways to celebrate the Glebe Society’s 50th anniversary. In July 2017, the Anniversary Working Group was established and in October 2018, a steering committee consisting of Judy Vergison, Virginia Simpson-Young and Dorothy Davis was appointed.

Each element of the Festival was organised by either one of the Society’s Subcommittees or by an interested member of the Society. The Anniversary Working Group met regularly from late 2017 to steer the Festival’s development and the Steering Committee met frequently to pull it all together.

Without the dedication and hard work of the Anniversary Working Group, the extraordinary achievement of the eight-day Glebe Society Community Festival could never have been achieved. The Glebe Society recognises the members of Anniversary Working Group for their contribution:

  • Alison McKeown
  • Allan Hogan
  • Asa Wahlquist
  • Diane Hutchinson
  • Dorothy Davis (Steering Committee)
  • Jane Gatwood
  • Janet Wahlquist
  • Janice Challinor
  • Jude Paul
  • Judy Vergison (Steering Committee)
  • Lyn Collingwood
  • Lyn Milton
  • Mark Gorta
  • Neil Macindoe
  • Peter Crawshaw
  • Robert Hannan
  • Ted McKeown
  • Virginia Simpson-Young (Steering Committee)