Alison McKeown is delivering a Festival postcard.Above: Alison McKeown is delivering a Festival postcard (Photo: Bruce Davis).

A Festival Promotions Team was established many months before the Festival. Judging on the number of people attending, the team did a very good job! A major task of the promotions team was to do a letterbox drop of Glebe and Forest Lodge of our promotional postcards. On the letterboxing team were: Alison McKeown, Vicki Marquis, Nigel Weaver, Jock Keene, Jane Singleton, Mark Gorta, Diane Hutchinson, Dave McMillan, Ron Horvath, Tarny Burton, Jennifer Walker and Janet Wahlquist.  Organisations were contacted to ask them to take pamphlets and advertise the Festival. A dedicated website was set up for the Festival by our website technical person, the late Peter Thorogood. Many of these volunteers did other duties during the Festival as well.

Sarah Fogg also helped with promotions contacting organisations, finding out who were prepared to take pamphlets and who would advertise the Festival.

The design of Festival materials was by Tarny Burton from the graphic and web design company, ‘32phillip’. Tarny, a Glebe local, was brilliant and supported the Festival by doing a fair bit of work pro bono.

The postcards and other promotional material featured artworks by local artist and Glebe Society member, Michael Hogan.

There was also the 20-page, colour printed Program which visitors could purchase while at the exhibition.

A dedicated website was set up for the Festival by our website technical person, Peter Thorogood. Peter regularly updated the website as required. People could download the program, saving themselves the cost of purchasing one and helping to reduce paper use at the same time.

Written materials produced for the Festival were checked by our diligent ‘editorial advisory group’: Edwina Doe, Ted McKeown, Lyn Milton and Liz Simpson-Booker. A big thank you to each of them.

View the festival promotional material.